Eyebrow Threading, Shaping And Grooming Resources For May

Being in the beauty industry and specialising in eyebrows, I am constantly reading high quality
information that can be found on the web and thought I would share some of the top information.

These sites will help you with more information about eyebrow threading, eyebrow shaping, grooming and even an interesting legal battle and perhaps give you help on what you expect during your trip to Flavias Threading


A Complete Guide To Eyebrow Threading

A Complete Guide to Eyebrow Threading

A great complete guide to eyebrow threading, from its history and what is involved to benefits and comparisons to other hair removal techniques. An indepth read that will give you a lot of knowledge that can help in your decision to try threading.

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading

An interesting blog post about the writers experience with eyebrow threading and some helpful information about why she prefers this technique.


Great Brows, In A Blink

Great brows, in a Blink!

This writer has some recommendations for those of us looking for eyebrow threading in London and some recommendations from readers.

Wow Brows From Strip London

Body Hair Week: Wow Brows from Strip London

Who doesn’t like some good photos to appreciate what a good eyebrow style and tint can achieve. A proper eyebrow style and tint does make a great difference.

London Eyebrow And Facial Hair Removal

London threading, eyebrow, facial hair, popular for hair removal

A nice post about the history of eyebrow threading, what is involved, the advantages and where to
find a good threading salon in London.


Anastasia Eyebrow Bar Dubai

Why Every Woman Should Have Killer Brows!


An interesting review of Anastasia brow bar in downtown Dubai, perhaps the place to visit
to whoever is lucky enough to visit.

Should I Have A Professional Opinion Of My Brows

Should I have a professional opinion of my brows? Answer… YES



An article with some lovely before and after photos and help with how to get the perfect looking

Shaping Eyebrows

How to Shape Your Brows


The do’s and dont’s of getting iconic brows. Jenniraincloud provides some excellent information about brow shaping.

Eyebrow Grooming For A Beginner

{How to} Eyebrow Grooming for a Beginner

Glamourouslymommy gives us a nice article about grooming of eyebrows for beginners. Also has a video to follow.

Eyebrow Shaping Find Your Natural Arch


Sugarlipslifestyletips offers a small but detailed article here about eyebrow shaping and how to go
about it.

Mastering The Perfect Brow

Mastering the Perfect Brow


A great write-up from azspagirls on getting the perfect eyebrows from measuring to plucking and tools that are needed.
Picture Perfect Brows

Picture-Perfect Brows


You can read here from Picture-Perfect Brows from Softspoken about getting the perfect shape in your brows and developing some angle.

Shaping Up Your Brows


Themakeupcoach with an article about eyebrow shaping and tinting and how to fix getting your brows from the inside and the outside.

Makeup Tutorial How I Do My Brows



Palebambi gives us a detailed eyebrow tutorial and how she goes about achieving the brows she likes.

Dont Thread On Me



I found this an interesting read when I found it. A lawsuit about threading experience before practice and what training hours should be adhered to.