Threading Chin Hair


Full Face £15, Upper Lip £5, Face £10, Eyebrow £5, Chin £3 ( free with upper lip if only minor hair) see Prices Page


Call or Text 07825 279173 Email: Located near to Morrisons, Pool, Redruth


I often have same day appointments but if not can generally always fit you in within a day or two. Eyebrow, chin, upper lip, full face threading also available but please call to book.

Hair threading only requires a length of thread. There are no chemicals applied to the skin, hence why it is a better choice for facial hair removal compared to waxing, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. It feels similar to plucking but a lot of hairs are removed in one go, taking them at the follicle level. The more you have them threaded, the finer the hairs become and the easier the threading gets. Threading is getting more and more popular in this country. I am originally from India and have 20 years experience so why not try it next time you need your brows tidying.

Your appointment will take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. My name is Flavia and I do this from a home based salon which is easy to find with plenty of parking available in Morrisons, about a minutes walk from me. I can tell you or text you directions if you need them. Short drive from Truro if you are coming from there.